Body Treatments

Body Treatments

To relax and indulge your body

Indulge in a 30 minute back and neck massage or drift off to complete nirvana for 90 in a luxury bespoke Salon 31 face and body experience.

Our range of Katherine Daniels body products offer professional salon treatments and home products that will care for all your needs and give you outstanding results.

Getting rid of those excess fluids and toxins from the body is one of the most important functions of detoxifications therapies. The application of massage has been proven to improve blood circulation in the body and control hypertension and aid relaxation.

“I have been coming to Salon 31 for years for treatments. Kirsty and the girls are amazing; first class treatments and service every time. Can’t recommend enough!”



Body Treatments

Waxing treatments from Salon 31
Waxing treatments from Salon 31






£22.50 (from March 1st ’23)

£14.00 (from March 1st 2023)

£14.00 (from March 1st 2023)

£15.00 (from March 1st 2023)

£25.00 (from March 1st 2023)

NB: For best results hair should ideally be 1cm. Before a wax treatment do not use any heat treatments such as saunas, spas or sunbed. Aftercare: Do not apply moisturisers or deodorants, do not sunbathe or have a hot bath or shower. During the 4 weeks between waxes exfoliate and moisturise regularly.


Massage Body Treatments

Using Katherine Daniels Body products.

“Beautifully British Concepts”

Katherine Daniels is designed for British salons to treat the most common skin types and conditions, whilst taking into consideration client lifestyle, environment and our climate. Katherine Daniels is a result-driven treatment and retail line for the face and body. The active ingredients are taken from plant, marine, Collagen and biotechnology sources.

This treatment will ease tension, relax muscles and help to relieve stress. A four-phase luxurious treatment including exfoliation, massage, a warming detoxifying mask and a finishing balm to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Treatment time: 45 mins – £50.00 (from March 1st 2023)

This treatment will ensure dry skin is exfoliated away befor your enjoy a full body massage and finishing cream to suit your skin’s needs. You will be left with velvety soft and supple skin and feel totally pampered and relaxed.

£95.00 (from March 1st 2023)

A total, holistic recharging treatment, using Resultime by Katherine Daniels’ products. As your senses are relaxed with gentle exfoliation and massage to your back and legs…balance is restored in your body. Tension is released from your scalp, shoulders and arms, warm stones soothe away aches followed by peace. A personalised programme of facial therapy, incorporating lymphatic drainage and warm stones will leave your skin perfectly harmonised.

Treatment time: 90 minutes – £95.00 (from March 1st 2023)

Katherine Daniels Products at Salon 31 in Sandhurst

“Had the most relaxing massage with the lovely Rachel. Will definitely be back and would highly recommend.”

Wendy Paternoster


The ancient art of stone massage used for physical and spiritual balancing. Working in harmony, the hot stones formed from volcanic molten rock; help relax the body to its deepest level.

Treatment Time: 45 minutes – £48.00 (from 1st March 2023)

A deep pressure massage, it relieves tension and stress from the body, will promote deep relaxation in the tissues and muscles. The back, shoulders, neck, legs and chest are all targeted in this massage which helps to ease your stress, relax and rebalance you.

Full Body, treatment time: 60 minutes – £70.00 (from March 1st 2023)

Back and neck, treatment time: 30 minutes – £36.00

Remember to have your Reward Card Stamped every time you come in for a treatment and once your have 10 stamps you will receive money off your next treatment!

There are two cards available:
£10 Reward card- 10 Stamps = £5.00 OFF next treatment*,
£20 Reward card- 10 Stamps = £10.00 OFF next treatment*.

*Salon 31 is not liable for lost or damaged cards.
Stamps cannot be back-dated.
Stamps on treatments only, not retail.
Not to be used in conjunctions with Salon 31 Special offers.
Gift vouchers exempt from stamps and cannot be purchased with Reward Card.
No half stamps.