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Holistic Treatments


Holistic Treatments


Indulgence for body and mind

Holistic comes from the Greek word ‘holos’, meaning ‘whole’. Rather than just addressing an immediate symptom, a holistic therapist will look at the underlying cause by considering current physical, mental, social, and spiritual states of health and well being. Then they work to restore the body’s natural balance, leading to a more sustained and rewarding life.

Holistic Treatments

reflexology from Salon 31

Indian head massage is a traditional Indian technique of treating the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. The therapeutic effects of Indian Head Massage last long after the treatment is over. The short and long-term benefits are individual, varied and cumulative and can help to: relieve eyestrain and headaches, improve concentration, relieve physical and mental fatigue, improve joint mobility and relieve stress and muscular tension.

Treatment time: 45 minutes – £45.00

Course of 6 – £225.00

A complementary therapy that is holistic and non-invasive. It can stimulate your body’s own self-healing mechanisms. The aim of reflexology is to release any blockages and restore the free flow of energy and blood circulation to the whole body.

Treatment time: 45 minutes – £42.00

Course of 6 – £210.00

A relaxing & effective treatment for excess ear wax & also provides relief from tinnitus, migraine, sinusitis and rhinitis. A relaxing drainage massage of the face & Neck follows this treatment.

Treatment time: 45 minutes – £40.00

“Very welcoming, relaxing & managed to squeeze in another treatment, very reasonable too. Will be going again soon!”

Kirsty Wilcock


Remember to have your Reward Card Stamped every time you come in for a treatment and once your have 10 stamps you will receive money off your next treatment!

There are two cards available:
£10 Reward card- 10 Stamps = £5.00 OFF next treatment*,
£20 Reward card- 10 Stamps = £10.00 OFF next treatment*.

*Salon 31 is not liable for lost or damaged cards.
Stamps cannot be back-dated.
Stamps on treatments only, not retail.
Not to be used in conjunctions with Salon 31 Special offers.
Gift vouchers exempt from stamps and cannot be purchased with Reward Card.
No half stamps.